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Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER does exactly what it says with excellent results! It’s a one stop, “Do-It-All” cleaner that can be used on every part of your vehicle’s interior. Simply spray on a surface and wipe off with a quality Microfiber towel. For deeper stains or stubborn dirt, spray the affected area and use a brush to agitate before wiping with a Microfiber towel. From Carpets to Plastics, the result will end in a clean, fresh look. Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER contains no additives or UV protectants so we highly recommend following-up with Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER for all your hard surfaces!  Now, stop reading and get to cleaning!

  • A QUALITY “CLEAN-IT-ALL” PRODUCT: Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER Can Be Used On All Interior Surfaces Including Carpets, Fabric Seats, Plastics, Leather, LCD Displays And More!
  • SUBLTE SCENT & POWERFUL RESULTS: Provides Professional, Deep Cleaning Power Against Dirt And Stains While Leaving A Pleasant Scent Behind  
  • LATHER IT UP: Creates A Foamy, Effective Lather With Brush Agitation
  • DELIVERS A CLEAN MATTE LOOK AND FEEL: Leaves NO Residue Or Greasy Feel Behind  

    How To Use:

    1. Give the bottle a good shake
    2. Interior Clean can be used in various ways, from cleaning your dash and plastics to light stain removal from your seats and head liner
    3. Spray liberally onto the affected area and in with a high quality Microfiber towel or dedicated interior brush
    4. Remove excess and residue with a clean Microfiber towel
    5. Repeat if necessary on stubborn stains when you've really made a mess of your interior.