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VISION 500ml

VISION 500ml

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Angelwax Vision has been designed to remove insects, silicone and other contaminants that can obscure and impair your vision when driving. Angelwax Vision is a ready to use formula that cleans quickly without smearing or streaking to leave your glass sparkling and provides the perfectly prepared surface for H2GO RAIN REPELLENT. This specialist glass cleaner is safe to use on all types of glass including tinted and film covered glass.

1. After washing the vehicle, spray the glass cleaner directly onto dry glass surfaces.
2. Clean with a microfibre cloth and buff to a shine.

Vision provides the perfectly prepared surface for Angelwax H2GO.
Top tip: After cleaning the glass with Angelwax Vision, apply two coats of Angelwax H2GO, the ultimate rain repellent!

Available ready to use in a 500ml bottle with a trigger spray and a 5L bottle.