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QP-ON 9.1 Multi-Surface Cleaning Paste

QP-ON 9.1 Multi-Surface Cleaning Paste

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A special Cleaning Paste for a profound cleaning process. This cleaning agent is environmentally friendly, very effective and biodegradable. Excellent to clean encrusted and dried stains on rugged and complex surfaces. Provides a deep cleaning effect, which goes deep into the capillaries of most surfaces. The surfaces become smooth and very pleasant.

Ideal as a preparatory step for our coating products (QP-ON 2.0 and QP-ON 3.0). This universal cleaner can be used in a household environment and within industrial settings. Removes organic, non-organic and chemical contamination.

One special highlight of this unique cleaning product is the Silicium (Si14) content. Now it is possible to clean and to coat a surface in one process. The active silica will create a shiny and highly durable coating and is the perfect solution for many surfaces with complex dirt problems. This feature makes QP-ON 9.1 a cost-effective solution for surface preservation and protection. A follow-up treatment with our other coating products will help to preserve the Silicium coating.


Creamy paste with fragrant smell. Non-toxic and free of hazardous and irritating substances. Free of allergenic components. Inorganic materials and control agents, alkyl PGE ester, soap, synthetic surfactant, alcohol. Free of poisonous and hazardous elements. Does not contain acids and is chemically over 90% biodegradable according to OECD standards. Can be applied to sensitive surfaces like: synthetic leather, polished stainless steel, high-gloss surfaces, plastics (with exception of polycarbonate!), metals, stone and tiles. Very effective to clean boats and yachts (green matter stains, rust and similar pollution, due to the maritime environment). Easy to apply and ready-to-use!


  • Home – Exterior and Interior

  • Bathrooms, Mirrors, Showers, Bathtubs, Tiles

  • Glass table tops, furniture

  • Entrance halls, polished floors, reception desks

  • Swimming pools, Spas and Saunas

  • Boats, Yachts, Jet-Skis, Catamarans, Surfboards, Sailing boats – Exterior and Interior

  • Cars - Alloy wheels, Windows, car body - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels

  • Trucks - Alloy wheels, Windows, truck body - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels

  • Motorcycles, Quad-Vehicles, Bicycles, Mountain bikes

  • Motorhomes and Caravans, Camping equipment

  • Planes, Bi-motors, Gliders and Sailplanes

  • Sports equipment and all kinds of gear


Quick application: just apply to a humid sponge or cloth and gently rub the soiled surface. No need to use mechanical force or great strength. Will gently remove hard and encrusted dirt. Biodegradable and eco-friendly.