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Platinum one step hybrid polish blend 500ml

Platinum one step hybrid polish blend 500ml

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Platinum was designed with one goal in mind, efficiency. This one step polish will remove light to moderate oxidation, swirling, and scratches in a single step, all while finishing down to a high gloss shine every time.

This polish blend has only diminishing abrasives and no Wax's, Si02, Graphene or ceramics to leave behind a protective finish.This makes platinum the perfect polish the industry has been needing for detailers who are performing single step machine polishing and ceramic coating afterwards. With no protection elements inside of this revolutionary new polish to interfere with panel prep and ceramic coating, you know your coating will have a pure clean surface and no issues with bonding.

Platinum is a highly versatile blend. This polish has effectively been tested in automotive paint, Gel coat, raw aluminum, stainless steel & chrome. the only limitations with this amazing polish is your imagination and ability to put it to work for you!