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Feynlab Ceramic Nano Sealant

Feynlab Ceramic Nano Sealant

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FEYNLAB® CERAMIC NANO SEALANT is a simple to use, super glossy, extremely hydrophobic, highly durable, and UV protective ceramic ‘sealant’ for all exterior vehicle surfaces. In addition to outstanding durability and performance, CERAMIC NANO SEALANT adds a brilliant shine and richness to painted and plastic surfaces. This simple wipe on / wipe off formula, makes CERAMIC NANO SEALANT perfect protection for all vehicles.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe on all exterior vehicle surfaces: painted, plastic, and wheels.
  • Adds a deep gloss and richness and to painted and plastic exterior surfaces.
  • A super hydrophobic which causes water to sheet off and inhibits dirt & contamination surface bonding.
  • Simple and Quick Wipe on, Wipe off application method.
  • Durable stand-alone ‘sealant’ type of product with a minimum durability of 4-6 months .

Durability & Application Surfaces:
Durability 4-6 months.