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6.2 Ultra fine polishing compound

6.2 Ultra fine polishing compound

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QP-ON 6.2 is polishing compound to remove surface imperfections like very fine scratches, holograms or sanding marks. Can be used on most hard surfaces and is very easy to use. The formula was developed to treat the surface, without damaging the underlying structure. The material is applied to a clean and grease-free surface.

Spread the polish around the surface area that needs to be treated. Use a polishing machine with a soft pad. Apply only medium pressure to the area. Clear the area with a fine microfiber cloth and a buffing towel. High gloss and a quality surface are guaranteed. Can be applied to painted and unpainted surfaces. After applying QP-ON 6.2 Fine polishing compound, we recommend the usage of QP-ON 2.0 High End Coating to give another layer of protection and a unique glossy finish.


The QP-ON 6.2 Ultra fine polishing compound is silicone free and water based. Surfaces will become smooth again. Can be applied with a polishing pad.


  • Home – Exterior and Interior

  • Bathrooms, Mirrors, Showers, Bathtubs, Tiless

  • Glass table tops, furniture

  • Entrance halls, polished floors, reception desks

  • Planes, Bi-motors, Gliders and Sailplanes

  • Sports equipment and all kinds of gear

  • Swimming pools, Spas and Saunas

  • Boats, Yachts, Jet-Skis, Catamarans, Surfboards, Sailing boats – Exterior and Interior

  • Cars – Alloy wheels, Windows, car body – paint or foil, dashboard, door panels

  • Motorcycles, Quad-Vehicles, Bicycles, Mountain bikes

  • Motorhomes and Caravans, Camping equipment

  • and oher kind of applications


Quick and smooth removal of paint imperfections. Swirls and ugly holograms or sanding marks can be removed without the need to sand and repaint. Saves time, money and energy. Very easy to apply and only needs a small buffing or polishing machine. For smaller scratches even buffing by hand can achieve great results. Saves costly hours at a professional detailer. No need for special gear or protective clothing. The concentrated formula makes this product very cost effective and environmentally friendly.